Alexis Capri Quick Facts

Alias: Stella Costanza, Capri Anderson, Christina Walsh
Date of Birth: 3/30/1988
Home Town: New York, New York, USA
Measurements: 36B-24-34
Height: 5′5
Hair Color: Auburn
Eye Color: Blue

Official Alexis Capri Biography

Alexis Capri, most commonly known as Alexis Capri in her more recent films, began her adult career in 2007 when she was just 19 years old. Capri’s short list of starring roles is so far limited to lesbian and limited hardcore films but with a fan base like hers it is sure to continue growing exponentially as she takes on more projects. Despite having only worked a few movie scenes, however, Capri has already starred in films for Hustler, Adam and Eve, Club Jenna and Vivid.

Alexis Capri is a hit with fans from all sectors of fandom from those who love her perky natural tits to those who love her feminine tattoos. Capri has tattoos on her ankles, wrists, ears, neck and calf and also has her navel and left nostril pierced.

Alexis Capri is certainly a girly girl who loves to show off her gorgeous body in lacy lingerie but she also isn’t afraid to get naughty for the camera. Capri lives out all of her naughtiest fantasies out on camera and loves to drag her co-stars in on the action and excitement as well. Capri’s love for showcasing on camera as well as her love for female companionship on camera are particular focal points of Capri’s adult career and her fans attention!

13 thoughts on “Biography”

  1. Marco says:

    Alexis is the best. I think there is no one greater.

  2. SheriBerry says:

    I used to not care give much care for porn, but when I came across yours and Georgia Jones scenes, I have become a definite fan. You are awesome, Capri! Your orgasm scenes are mind-blowing. I love you and Georgia Jones together!

  3. josh says:

    yoo christina wutup its josh. THIS IS TOO FUNNY, shoulda called me for that charlie thang =P

  4. Gabriel says:

    She is my only love! I Dream about Alexis every night!

  5. marco says:

    resti sempre una gran puttana

  6. Fernanda says:

    Alexis, I’m sure someone already told you how beautiful you are.
    So, I recognize that say only this is not enough.
    You delights me so much that – if I could – I would ask you out for a date.
    And SheriBerry is right.: you and Georgia Jones were awesome!!!
    Fernanda (from Brazil)

  7. Chris says:

    Hi Christina,

    I want to compliment you on your acting in the porn short “Lesbian Homework Session”.

    Obviously there wasn’t a script, and so you carried the dialogue by your own creativeness. This shows some very real talent.

    You dialogue was amusing, fun, and realistic … and all improvised !!!

    I do hope that you get a chance to read this feedback and consider seeking a role in film. Don’t give up!

    You have real talent as an actress, and I hope you get to achieve this!

    All the best Christina,


  8. edwin says:

    Hi capri

    your so sexy it looks like you even are’nt acting
    you make my nights better and hot with your body

  9. sammi says:

    you amaze me. you are so beautiful. :P. i fisted myself to the thought of you. love you capri.

  10. badumtss says:

    oh, you are so fucking amazing.
    so sexy, so hot 🙂

  11. Alex says:

    From Russia with love ) Good luck and good work )

  12. GrandMagus says:

    U are the goddess ! love u soooo much <3 stunning !

  13. Rico from Germany says:

    Dea Mea!!!

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